What else is truly possible?

Katarina Wallentin is a life-coach and energetic facilitator who offers transformative coaching sessions in person or online over Skype on a variety of topics.

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Symphony Sessions

Whether we know it yet or not, we all have unique capacities when it comes to gifting and receiving energies!

A Symphony Session allows you to start to access what is true for you and your body, and open up to the possibilities of choosing something different and something more.

Katarina Wallentin offers 30-minute Symphony Sessions online or in-person, inviting you to LIVING in a completely different way.

A Symphony Session is not a therapy or healing session, but rather an exploration of energies with the target of empowering each person to know that they know and what they can choose and change.
You can learn more about Symphony Sessions here.


What is Access Consciousness?

In the classes and sessions that she offers, Katarina works with a pragmatic and life-changing modality called Access Consciousness.

Katarina is a certified facilitator and coach of several specialities within Access Consciousness.
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