Who Is Katarina?

Katarina Wallentin is a facilitator, author, and producer, as well as an avid explorer of the magic that is possible  with our bodies.

Currently residing in Stockholm, Sweden, she works with the global Access Consciousness team as Worldwide Communications and Creatives Coordinator.

She facilitates classes on consciousness, bodies and being you with curiosity, kindness, and her unique strand of humor...

Katarina is also the founder and CEO of Creations Unlimited, a Stockholm-based company that is offering consultant services in idea-driven communication, strategic marketing and project management.

What Can We Create?

Before Katarina discovered Access Consciousness, she worked with communication and leadership in international organizations for over ten years, from the United Nations to Doctors Without Borders.

During that time, she traveled to some of the most faraway corners in the world and found that nothing on this Earth is black or white, right or wrong. Instead, everything is interconnected, and what you see and perceive depends on the shade of the glasses you put on.

When Katarina started to use the tools of Access, the possibilities for dynamic change exploded, both in her own life and in what she could create in the world.

Books & Creative Productions

Katarina has published three children’s books, The Baby Unicorn Manifesto, Clara & the Climate Changer, The Baby Dragon Manifesto, as well as co-authored the anthology The Very Greatest Adventure ... Is You Truly Being You. 
Read more about the books here!
She has also co-produced the film project THE SYNTHESIS, about the energetic transformation modality called the ESB. You can watch the seven short film here!

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