“You, baby dragon, truly being you – sparks, fire, flame and all – is the change, the difference, the possibility, and the gift this world requires.”

Enjoy a sneak peak into The Baby Dragon Manifesto, read by Dr. Dain Heer & Katarina Wallentin.

The Very Greatest Adventure ... Is You Truly Being You

A compilation of stories...

Written by the Being You facilitators with special guest writer Dr. Dain Heer.
Edited by Katarina Wallentin.

There are no answers in this book... So why should you read it? Well, this book is meant to remind you who you truly be: a continuous creation!


Children's books

The Baby Unicorn Manifesto

By Katarina Wallentin & Dr. Dain Heer.
Easy to read and exquisitely illustrated, The Baby Unicorn Manifesto is about the magic and possibilities on our beautiful planet, where we are only limited by our imagination.


Clara & The Climate Changer

What if you woke up one morning and had the chance to change the world – while still in your pajamas? This is exactly what happens to 9-year-old Clara, the empowered climate-heroine in Katarina Wallentin’s second children’s book.


The Baby Dragon Manifesto

In a world that so often demands perfection and conformity, Dr. Dain Heer and Katarina Wallentin offer a simple yet profound message to young children … and their caregivers: your difference is your gift, and your wrongness is a strongness.


STORYTIME! Free Video Reading of Clara & The Climate Changer

Listen to author Katarina Wallentin read the story about Clara.


Katarina Wallentin on being an author:

The Adventure of Writing...You!

On this episode of the Big Better Best Books Podcast you get to hear six of the authors from The Very Greatest Adventure... read their stories out loud. They also talk about what it was like to write something so personal and how they got to know each other in a whole new way by reading about each other's lives. Enjoy :)


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