What is Access Consciousness?

Access Consciousnessā“‡ is a system of tools, techniques, and processes that can change every aspect of your life. Designed to empower you, Access invites you to be the expert about you.

Access Consciousness - Empowering you to know that you know

Whether you want to change anything in your business, relationships, or body, Access Consciousness has tools and systems to facilitate change. Delivered through seminars, telecalls, online training, books, audios, and consultations, Access Consciousness has X facilitators worldwide and is available in 176 countries. Practical, dynamic, and pragmatic, Access is designed to create greater possibilities and more ease, joy, and glory in your life.

All of life comes to me with ease and joy and glory.

"When you access the consciousness that you are, your life starts to show up with ease, and a sense of joy and possibilities."

Dr. Dain Heer
Co-creator of Access Consciousness

What if?

Many people spend their lives searching for “answers” in the form of spiritual retreats, meditation, yoga, and gurus, all the while thinking something is wrong with them. What if it were easier than that? Access has a different point of view.

What if there has never been anything wrong with you? What if the only thing stopping you from anything is you—and what you concluded about yourself? And now, what would it take to claim your greatness?

Access is based on questions designed to bypass your logical mind. Just like Einstein and Da Vinci knew, questions have the power to take you into a land of possibilities, whereas conclusions bring everything to a halt.

In short, Access is a totally different point of view about life. At its core is the idea that you are not wrong, that you know, and that consciousness can shift anything!

Who is it for?

The seekers, the idea-makers, and the dreamers who have always known something else is possible, and those with a thirst to create something different in business, relationships, and everyday living.

"If you start looking for possibilities instead of results you can have an ever-expanding reality of possibilities, and in so doing create a different world."

Gary Douglas
Co-creator of Access Consciousness

What is required?

An open mind, a willingness to go beyond the normal and move from problems to possibilities.

Effects of Access Consciousness

  • You become a possibility seeker instead of a problem solver.
  • You have more gratitude for everything and everyone, including you.
  • You start to like yourself more!
  • You will start navigating your life with more ease and joy.
  • You become a greater contribution to everyone around you.

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