What if your body was a compass or guide to the secrets, mysteries and magic of life?

In the Access 3 Day Body class, your awareness and your body’s awareness begin to shift —together! — opening up the possibility for something completely different to occur.

Is now the space for change - for your body, and for you? 

Join Katarina Wallentin for a 3 Day Body adventure in beautiful São Paulo, Brazil from 16 - 18 September!

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This adventure is taking place in beautiful São Paulo, Brazil!

Hotel Slaviero - São Paulo, Moema
Av. Rouxinol, 57 - Moema, São Paulo

There are many fantastic hotels in São Paulo!
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About the Facilitator

Katarina Wallentin is an Access facilitator, creative producer, and author as well as an avid explorer of the magic that is possible when we step out of conclusion and into question - especially with our bodies!

She is based in Stockholm, Sweden, but spends most of her time on the road, facilitating Body Classes or working on the global events with Dain Heer and the Access Consciousness team.

About Katarina

What if our whole journey into consciousness could be an ongoing co-creation with our bodies?

Take a peek inside an Access Body Class below!

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There are three airports that serve the greater Sao Paulo metropolitan area. Here's how to get to the city from each one

From Guarulhos International Airport

Metro: Line 13 goes directly from outside the airport's cargo terminal. Ride until the end of the line at Engenheiro Goulart station (about 15 minutes). From the station, get on Line 3 at Tautape station, then transfer at Se station to Line 1 to reach the city center. Plan for two hours for the total trip. 

Shuttle: The Airport Bus Service bus connects Guarulhos to Paulista Avenue, Tietê Bus Terminal, and Congonhas Airport for 30 to 39 reals ($5.40 to $7). Depending on where you want to go, the travel time is one to two hours.

From Congonhas Airport

Bus/Metro: Take the bus for route 609J-10 directly outside the arrivals hall. Ride until the Sao Judas station on Metro Line 1 (about 15 minutes), then take the line to the city center. Plan at least a total trip time of 30 minutes.

Shuttle: Same as Guarulhos. Also, Gol and TAM offer a free shuttle from Congonhas to Guarulhos, for passengers with connecting flights. They run on the half hour from 5: 30 a.m. to 10:30 p.m. To board, show your reservation to the driver.

From Viracopos Airport

Bus/Metro: Take a VB Transportes bus (24 reals / $4.50) to Tietê Terminal. From here, hop on Metro Line 1 and continue to the city center. The trip should be about an hour and 40 minutes.

Shuttle: Azul Brazilian Airlines offers a free shuttle to Congonhas, Barra Funda Terminal, Eldorado, and Tamboré Shopping Malls. To board, show your reservation to the driver.


Getting around in São Paulo 
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Class Schedule & Registration

Registration On 15 July: Begins At 5.30pm

Class Time: Class begins at 6pm and ends around 8pm

Register Here

*Please note: Lunch times and class end times will vary depending on the flow of the class.

A Creation Thread

We've created a special WhatsApp chat for everyone registered or interested in joining this class. We'll keep adding updates, information and inspiration in there until the class starts!


Registering on ac.com

If you are coming to the class, please register on the Access Consciousness website. The sooner you register, the better we make sure we have enough space for everyone with the restrictions in place.



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FREE! Body Whispering Book Club

What is a body whisperer? 

Do you know if you are one? Are you ready to find out?

The Body Whispering Book Club - hosted by Katarina Wallentin.

Last year, Dain Heer released a new book called Body Whispering - A New Way Of Seeing, Being, and Healing.

And over the course of three months in 2021, Katarina and a group of body-magicians explored this potent book, chapter by chapter!

What else is truly possible if we include our bodies in our lives? Go explore!

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