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Have you noticed that create, and creation have become buzzwords in the past two years?

But what is creation really? And how do you know when, where and what to create?

What the bleep is a creator, a connector, and a mover? How do you find them? How do you know what YOU are?

And why, oh why, are the movers so important? :-)

What if creation came to us with more ease, joy, and glory than ever before?

Is now the time and the space?


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Who Is Katarina Wallentin?


Katarina Wallentin is a facilitator, author, and producer, as well as an avid explorer of the magic that is possible when we step out of conclusion and into question, especially with our bodies.

Currently residing in Stockholm, Sweden, she works with the global Access Consciousness team as Worldwide Communications and Creatives Coordinator.

Katarina facilitates courses in consciousness, bodies and being you with curiosity, kindness, and her unique strand of humour and continuous invitation to choosing more and greater.