What if your body was a compass or guide to the secrets, mysteries and magic of life?

The 3 Day Access Body Class is designed to open up a dialogue and create a communion with your body that allows you to enjoy your body instead of fighting against it and abusing it. Is now the time for that? Ask your body? :-)

Where would your body take you?

What if you were allowed to choose to be happy? Even amid the Covid craziness? And what if you were invited to share your own remarkable way to handle this current reality with other bodies?

About the Facilitator

Katarina Wallentin is an Access facilitator, creative producer, and author as well as an avid explorer of the magic that is possible when we step out of conclusion and into question - especially with our bodies!

She is based in Stockholm, Sweden, but spends most of her time on the road, facilitating Body Classes or working on the global events with Dain Heer and the Access Consciousness team.


A Creation Thread

We've created a special WhatsApp chat for everyone registered or interested in joining this class. We'll keep adding updates, information and inspiration in there until the class starts!


Registering on ac.com

If you are coming to the class, please register on the Access Consciousness website. The sooner you register, the better we make sure we have enough space for everyone with the restrictions in place.


Where is the class?

This adventure is taking place at the beautiful

Point Hotel Taksim
Kocatepe, Topçu Cd. No:2 Beyoğlu 34437 İstanbul, Turkey
+90 212 313 50 00



You can find many hotel and AirBnb alternatives in the area.

For more hotel alternatives please go here.

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Adding Gratitude - A Five Day Body Experiment

A Free Exploration with Katarina Wallentin

How often are you grateful for your body? Once an hour, once a day, once a week ... once a year? (Ever?)

And how often do you judge it? For being too big, to small, too weak, too short, too tall, too slow, too old, too young, too soft, too hard, too floppy, too wrinkly ... all that!

Would you like to join me in an experiment?

Let's explore what happens if we consciously add 15 min of gratitude every day to our bodies for 5 days?



28-30  JANUARY 2022

Begins at 8:30 am

Class begins daily at 9:30 am and ends around 5:00 pm*

At around midday for about 2 hours

*Please note: Lunch times and class end times will vary depending on the flow of the class.


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