Everything is energy!

And whether we know it yet or not, we all have unique capacities when it comes to gifting and receiving energies.

What if you, your whole life, and the world are actually an energetic movement?

Welcome to Introducing the Symphony!
A brand new experiential class where you’ll get to explore the symphony of energies that make up the universe - and you.

Facilitated by the Symphony Advanced Practitioners, this hands-on taster is the beginning of your journey into that magic, via the Symphony of Possibilities (SOP).

Are you willing to know that you are an energetic wizard?

Find Introducing the Symphony classes with Katarina Wallentin here!

Discover the Symphony
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  • Introducing The Symphony - Live in¬†Johannesburg
    28 January 2024 | REGISTER HERE

What is the Symphony?

Developed by Dr. Dain Heer, the Symphony of Possibilities (SOP) is a unique way to utilize the energies of the universe to start creating your life, living, and reality by moving the very molecules of consciousness.

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