What is possible in 2024 that has never been possible before? For you, your life, and everyone around you? 

What would it be like if you explored that, using the tools of consciousness? 

Come, pick your January Access adventure!

A weekend of Access Consciousness classes with Katarina Wallentin at the foot of a star-lit mountain, just 40 minutes from Joburg.

We will be at Kloofzicht Lodge & Spa - Muldersdrift, Johannesburg

You can choose one class, or two - or all of them! :-)



Johannesburg Weekend Schedule

 Saturday | Being You, Having Ease (and fun) with Creation - Jan 27 from 9.30 am to 5 pm, Live & Online | Sign up here

 Sunday |
| Introducing The Symphony
 - Jan 28 from 1-3 pm. Live only | Sign up here

Later afternoon | Meet & Greet  28 Jan 4-6 pm. Free! | Sign up here



What if you, truly being you, is what makes your creations come ALIVE? And what if you creating, from that space, is what fuels your very being?
That is what we will dive into during this one-day Being You Adventure, facilitated by the co-creator of the book Being You, Changing the World, Katarina Wallentin.

Jan 27 from 9.30 am - 5 pm
Live & Online

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What have you been desiring to ask about Access - the tools, the business, the history - that you’ve never had the chance to until now? Katarina Wallentin has worked with Access Consciousness for 10 years and does Meet & Greets all over the world. 

Details: Jan 28, from 4-6 pm
Live only - and FREE!

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This hands-on taster class is the beginning of your journey into the enegretic modality Symphony of Possibilities.

There are possibilities everywhere. It is within the air and the molecules around us. In this class, you will experience how your whole life is actually an energetic movement of possibilities. Nothing is solid, including your problems. You’ll start recognizing, “Wow, I can move anything!”

January 28 from 1-3 pm 
Live Only.

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Kloofzicht Lodge & Spa - Muldersdrift, Johannesburg

Explore energy, and change in the deep magic of the Cradle of Humankind, at the foot of a star-lit mountain!

A 40-minute drive from Johannesburg and Pretoria, and you can stay here too whilst attending the classes if you’d like.

What can this venue, and the silent potency of the African savannah contribute to you? 🙂


Katarina & The South Africa Zeal

About the Facilitator

Katarina Wallentin is an Access facilitator, creative producer, and author as well as an avid explorer of the magic that is possible when we step out of conclusion and into question - especially with our bodies!

She is based in Stockholm, Sweden, but spends most of her time on the road, facilitating Body Classes or working on the global events with Dain Heer and the Access Consciousness team.

About Katarina

A Creation Thread

We've created a special WhatsApp chat for everyone registered or interested in joining this class.

We'll keep adding updates, information and inspiration in there until the class starts!


FREE:Your Body, Money - And You! 

An Exploration with Katarina Wallentin

What does your body know about money that you haven’t yet tapped into?

Welcome to a 12-min free audio where we clear some possibly sticky places that stops us from having wealth and open up some new spaces for co-creating money with our bodies!


FREE: What If? Reinventing Your Africa

What if nothing is as it seems? 
What if everything is the opposite of what it appears to be? 
What if you create your Africa?

Come along for a series of 3 x 20-minute free calls with and for Africa - with Katarina & a series of special African guests!


Class Schedule & Registration

Registration On 15 July: Begins At 5.30pm

Class Time: Class begins at 6pm and ends around 8pm

Register Here

*Please note: Lunch times and class end times will vary depending on the flow of the class.