What are you and your body here to create?

When you use the tools of Access Consciousness with your body, your awareness and your body’s awareness begin to shift —together! — opening up the possibility for something completely different to occur.

Is now the space for change - for your body, and for you?

Join Katarina for 3 days exploring the miracle of bodies in beautiful Cape Town, South Africa!

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This adventure is taking place in beautiful 
Cape Town!

The Center Noordhoek
9A Noordhoek Main Rd, Noordhoek, Cape Town, 7979, South Africa

Please contact our hosts if you'd like more info about accommodation options.



You can stay at the Noordhoek Hotel, across the street, or you can book an AirBnb!

Contact our host for more options. 

About the Facilitator

Katarina Wallentin is an Access facilitator, creative producer, and author as well as an avid explorer of the magic that is possible when we step out of conclusion and into question - especially with our bodies!

She is based in Stockholm, Sweden, but spends most of her time on the road, facilitating Body Classes or working on the global events with Dain Heer and the Access Consciousness team.

About Katarina

When you start to change the way you relate to your body, you start to change how you relate to everything in your life.


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If you come by flight, you fly to Cape Town International Airport. 

From the airport, people can take a taxi with Uber App or contact hosts for more information. 

Go to this page to find information about traveling to South Africa and COVID-19.


The venue is located in the Main Rd, Noordhoek, Cape Town.

For getting around by taxi you can request a ride with the Über app or contact the hosts. 

Class Schedule & Registration

Registration On 15 July: Begins At 5.30pm

Class Time: Class begins at 6pm and ends around 8pm

Register Here

*Please note: Lunch times and class end times will vary depending on the flow of the class.

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Registering on ac.com

If you are coming to the class, please register on the Access Consciousness website. The sooner you register, the better we make sure we have enough space for everyone with the restrictions in place.

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