What are you and your body here to create?

What have you always thought was real about your body, that actually isn’t?

When you and your body use the tools of Access Consciousness together, your awareness and your body’s awareness begin to shift, opening up the possibility for something completely different to occur.

What if our bodies are constantly showing us brand new ways of experiencing everything in this world?

And what if exploring that is why you - and your body - are here? 

What do you know? 

- Katarina Wallentin -

Discover the
3 Day Body Classes
with Katarina Wallentin

What if you gave your body the lead for three days? 72 hours?

What if you let it show you the MAGIC you can be and create together?

Welcome to the Access Consciousness 3 Day Body Classes! 

Take a peek inside a Body Class below...

Upcoming Events

  • 3 Day Body Class in Warsaw, Poland | 25-27 October | REGISTER HERE 

3 Day Body Class

25-27 October, 2024
Warsaw, Poland
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Your Body, Money - And You!  

An Exploration with Katarina Wallentin

What does your body know about money that you haven’t yet tapped into?

Welcome to a 12-min free audio where we clear some possibly sticky places that stop us from having wealth and open up some new spaces for co-creating money with our bodies!


Wolf Episodes About BODIES!

My Biggest Body Awe Moment… So Far! 

A series of FB Lives with Katarina & the 3 Day Body Facilitators

Have you ever had a moment of total AWE with your body? My Biggest Body Awe moment... So Far is a series of conversations with some amazing Body Class facilitators exploring the power of body-awe! 


The Magic of the Access Consciousness Body Processes

An Episode of the Creation of Living Podcast with Heather Nichols & Katarina

Join Heather Nichols and Katarina Wallentin for a beautiful & inspiring conversation about one of the most powerful tools in Access Consciousness:  the body processes.

The Access body processes are an energetic, hands-on tool that create miraculous change, possibilities, and space in our bodies.  What magic is your body capable of that you have never chosen?


The Body Whispering Book Club 

A series of conversations exploring Dain Heer’s book – Body Whispering: A New Way of Being, Seeing & Healing.

What is a Body Whisperer? Do you know if you are one? Are you ready to find out? Come along and explore The Body Whispering Book Club with host Katarina Wallentin and a group of body adventurers!


What Does Your Body Know?

An Episode of the Feeding the Wolf of Possibilities Podcast with Katarina & Dr Dain Heer

What does your body know? About itself, about you, about consciousness, life, and the universe? What would happen if we started to ask it? And listen to the answers it whispers back?


Relaxing Into Alertness

A Free 5-Day Challenge on Telegram with Katarina!

What is relaxation to you - and to your body? What energies are included?

What if we actually relax into being fully awake, alert and ready to receive anything?