What would change in the world if you, me, and everyone choose to feed the wolf of possibilities instead of the one of doubt, distrust, and despair? The way I see it, our point of view creates reality. Not the other way around! Somewhere deep within, I think we all know that! 


In this podcast, I am daring you to claim this remarkable superpower!

Join us and be inspired by trackers, explorers, and finders of possibilities from the multiverse of hope.

Welcome to FEEDING THE WOLF OF POSSIBILITIES with your host Katarina Wallentin.


Feeding the Wolf of Possibilities with Emily Evans Russel

Can you recall a time when you knew that magic existed? 
What changed?
In this episode, me and my guest Emily Russel invite you to explore how staying in the question and feeding your curiosity keeps the magic alive – and makes it grow!

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Start Talking To Everything with Suzy Godsey

What if you actually communicate with…everything? All the time! Join Katarina Wallentin and her guest Suzy Godsey, program director of Talk To The Animals, as they dive into the possibilities that can open up if we are willing to nurture and develop our ability to communicate energetically with everything.

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Pragmatic Possibilities with Susanna Mittermaier

On this episode Susanna Mittermaier, creator of Pragmatic Psychology, and Katarina Wallentin explore how being pragmatic can inspire change and ease in others and also transform problems and difficulty into possibilities and powerful choices.

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The Possibilities of Awe with Katrin Sandberg

On this episode, Katrin Sandberg, the author of The Awe Effect, and Katarina Wallentin, discover how to notice and capture moments of everyday wonder. Together they dive into and explore the unexpected effect that awe can have on our lives – and the world.

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Living a Life of Ease, Joy & Glory with Shannon O'Hara

Shannon O’Hara has one main question for everything she chooses in life: What will create the greatest ease? Not easy. Ease.
What does that mean? How does it work? What kind of life can it create?Join Katarina Wallentin and her guest Shannon O’Hara as they explore the ins and outs of having all of life come with ease, joy and glory; the mantra of Access Consciousness.

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Eating For Possibilities with Max Zoulek

Can we actually eat for possibilities? Or are we only feeding our bodies out of necessity? How much have you been trying to eat the right things? Or, not the wrong things. As if when you find the perfect, balanced diet, it will fix whatever you decided is wrong? On this podcast, Max Zoulek invites us all to look at our bodies, food and eating in a whole new way!

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Possibilities With Breaking Up with Simone Milasas

What if a break up is a new beginning? A chance to truly look at what you desire your life to be like? And what if what is required is total VULNERABILITY with... yourself? Join Katarina Wallentin and her guest Simone Milasas as she shares the story of her own recent breakup and the tools she used to keep feeding the wolf of possibilities!

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Feeding the Wolf of Possibilities with Dain Heer

Where does the idea of feeding a wolf of possibilities come from? What does it mean? Where does the wolf live? And what would feeding it change and create in the world?
Listen as host Katarina Wallentin and her guest Dain Heer explore all of this, diving into native American parables and Hollywood blockbusters.

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