What would change in the world if you, me, and everyone choose to feed the wolf of possibilities instead of the one of doubt, distrust, and despair? The way I see it, our point of view creates reality. Not the other way around! Somewhere deep within, I think we all know that! 


In this podcast, I am daring you to claim this remarkable superpower!

Join us and be inspired by trackers, explorers, and finders of possibilities from the multiverse of hope.

Welcome to FEEDING THE WOLF OF POSSIBILITIES with your host Katarina Wallentin.


Different Kids, Different Choices with Heather Nichols

What does it take to be fiercely YOU as a parent? On this episode of the Wolf, Katarina & her guest Heather Nichols explore hard choices (like parenting teenagers!) and discover how, with a willingness to choose, there are ALWAYS possibilities to be found, even in the most barren landscapes.

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The Place - Timeless & The Future with David Kubes

What does it take to create a future? Preparation, projections and planning? Or — no point of view and continuous choice? In this episode of the Wolf, we travel to the very heart of the Costa Rican rainforest with Dr David Kubes as our guide to explore the magic of El Lugar - a truly unique eco-resort that opens next year!

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Art Without Judgement with Mehlika Tanriverdi

Have you ever wondered how a beautiful, unique or memorable piece of art is created? On this episode of the Wolf, Katarina & her guest Mehlika Tanriverdi journey through Mehlika's life as an artist and the possibilities of creating art from a place of ease, and no judgement.

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Possibilities Beyond War with Dr Dain Heer

Who do you choose to be in the face of war? Do you find yourself checking out? Wanting to find a right or wrong party in it all, or - if you don’t have a point of view - judging yourself for that? On this episode of the Wolf, Katarina and her guest Dr. Dain Heer explore how to use the tools of consciousness in times of war!

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The Possibilities of the Extreme with Connor Hill

What is fear — really? What’s underneath it, how can we use it and what is it telling us if we’re willing to listen? On this episode of the Wolf, Katarina and her guest sports enthusiast and facilitator of consciousness Connor Hill explore what extreme sports can show us about being fully alive!

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Which P Will You Choose? with Anaa Abualfaraj

Have you always known that you could change the world you live in? In this episode of the Wolf, Katarina and her guest Anaa Abualfaraj explore what a woman in Saudi Arabia can create - against all odds! - with tenacity, fearlessness and a demand for possibilities, instead of problems.

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Letting Go Of All Certainties with Steve & Chutisa Bowman

What happens when you destroy (and uncreate) your relationship after 27 years together? And then keep doing that every single day? In this episode, Katarina and her guests Steve & Chutisa Bowman explore what is truly possible when you create your life, business, relationship and future from a place of question, and not certainty.

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Going From Corporate to Consciousness (Via Chaos!) with Paul Kearney

Have you ever considered changing your life completely? Taking a leap, leaving your job or even moving to a different country? Join Katarina and her guest Paul Kearney as they explore explore Paul’s journey from corporate to consciousness; and how embracing chaos can be the beginning of something very different for your life!

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If The World Was A Garden with Monica Gilliam

What would it be like … if all the world was a garden? Join Katarina and her guest, plant whisperer and author Monica Gilliam, as they explore living, aliveness and what is uniquely created when we’re willing to connect with and include this earth that is all around us!

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Is Christmas a Myth? with Shannon O'Hara

What does Christmas mean to you? What are the stories, myths, and tales that we have been told, and what impact do they still have on us today? Join myth-explorer Shannon O’Hara and Katarina Wallentin on an irreverent navigation through the truths and lies of this holiday tradition.

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Bullying and Possibilities with Sarah Grandinetti

What if children actually know exactly how to deal with any situation that occurs for them? And we just don't .... ASK? In this episode of the Wolf, me and my guest Sarah Grandinetti have a vulnerable conversation exploring what can open up when we co-create possibilities with our children instead of solving their problems.

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Let the Earth In with Sylvia Puentes

What would change in our lives if we started to let the Earth in? Even just a little bit? In this episode of the Feeding the Wolf of Possibilities podcast, Katarina meets up with earth explorer and gypsy of consciousness Sylvia Puentes. Together they dive into what else is possible with and on this fantastic planet of ours!

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Having Your Own Back with Diva Diaz

How do you respond to bad news? Like really bad news? Like breaking your back! Listen as host Katarina Wallentin and her guest Diva Diaz explore how Diva quite literally learned to have her own back after injuring her spine in a bad fall, and the possibilities that are available when we're willing to trust ourselves in bad situations! 

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Living Beautifully with Christopher Hughes

What if beauty truly is timeless? And what if it contributes to us with its sheer energy?  Listen as host Katarina Wallentin and her guest, antiques curator & consciousness facilitator Christopher Hughes explore the notion of living beautifully and the wonder of beautiful objects from the past coming ALIVE when being discovered, admired and used again.

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One Tool to Change Everything with Eva-Lisa Myntti

What can we do when we feel we can no longer go on? Can the choice and commitment to using one tool really change everything? This episode is Eva-Lisa Myntti’s deeply personal account of her experience with depression, and the Access Consciousness tool she used that ultimately changed everything - Who Does This Belong To!

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Choosing for a Living with Brendon Watt

Can you change your whole life? Like really change it? Or are you forever tied to what your upbringing, your DNA, your experiences, successes, and mistakes make you? Come along and hear Brendon Watt talk about how he went from being a divorced, depressed tradesman to a worldwide facilitator of consciousness!

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Feeding the Wolf of Possibilities with Katarina Nilsson

What does the word tantra bring up for you? Does the mere mention of it make you cringe a bit... Or are you secretly intrigued about this magical, mystical practice in which people seem to spend a LOT of time naked?! In this episode of the Wolf, we take a peek into the exciting world of Tantra with the budding tantric explorer, Katarina Nilsson.

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Feeding the Wolf of Possibilities with Laura Simmonds

What if you could eat yourself happy? And healthy? And even ... thin? What if that whole idea of asking your body about if, what, when, and how much to eat WORKS? In this episode, my guest is Laura Simmonds – a facilitator, mentor, and food whisperer!

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Feeding the Wolf of Possibilities with Pam Houghteling

Is conflict and complaints always a problem? Or could it actually be a possibility? Pam Houghteling has worked for many years with the global Access Consciousness team, using her unique capacities to handle difficult people in difficult situations with kindness, joy and clarity! Would you like to know how she does it? Enjoy this episode with Katarina Wallentin and her guest Pam!

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Feeding the Wolf of Possibilities with Dain Heer

What does your body know? What would happen if we started to ask it? And listen to the answers it whispers back? In this episode of the Wolf, my guest is body whisperer Dain Heer. Many years ago, he showed me how to stop being a brain on legs and instead let my body guide me to coming ALIVE. 

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Feeding the Wolf of Possibilities with Megan Hill

What would you do if you were attacked at gunpoint outside your house?

In this week’s episode, my friend Megan Hill shares her personal story of how she used killing energy to save her life and how tapping into this energy also allowed her to come alive!

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Feeding the Wolf of Possibilities with David Kubes

Katarina and her guest Dr. David Kubes, a lawyer and businessman, invite you to look at the legal system from a totally new and different perspective...
What if you never allowed rules and regulations to limit or control you and instead opened up to the creativity, engagement, and possibilities available?

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Feeding the Wolf of Possibilities with Emily Evans Russel

Can you recall a time when you knew that magic existed? 
What changed?
In this episode, me and my guest Emily Russel invite you to explore how staying in the question and feeding your curiosity keeps the magic alive – and makes it grow!

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Start Talking To Everything with Suzy Godsey

What if you actually communicate with…everything? All the time! Join Katarina Wallentin and her guest Suzy Godsey, program director of Talk To The Animals, as they dive into the possibilities that can open up if we are willing to nurture and develop our ability to communicate energetically with everything.

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Pragmatic Possibilities with Susanna Mittermaier

On this episode Susanna Mittermaier, creator of Pragmatic Psychology, and Katarina Wallentin explore how being pragmatic can inspire change and ease in others and also transform problems and difficulty into possibilities and powerful choices.

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The Possibilities of Awe with Katrin Sandberg

On this episode, Katrin Sandberg, the author of The Awe Effect, and Katarina Wallentin, discover how to notice and capture moments of everyday wonder. Together they dive into and explore the unexpected effect that awe can have on our lives – and the world.

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Living a Life of Ease, Joy & Glory with Shannon O'Hara

Shannon O’Hara has one main question for everything she chooses in life: What will create the greatest ease? Not easy. Ease.
What does that mean? How does it work? What kind of life can it create?Join Katarina Wallentin and her guest Shannon O’Hara as they explore the ins and outs of having all of life come with ease, joy and glory; the mantra of Access Consciousness.

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Eating For Possibilities with Max Zoulek

Can we actually eat for possibilities? Or are we only feeding our bodies out of necessity? How much have you been trying to eat the right things? Or, not the wrong things. As if when you find the perfect, balanced diet, it will fix whatever you decided is wrong? On this podcast, Max Zoulek invites us all to look at our bodies, food and eating in a whole new way!

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Possibilities With Breaking Up with Simone Milasas

What if a break up is a new beginning? A chance to truly look at what you desire your life to be like? And what if what is required is total VULNERABILITY with... yourself? Join Katarina Wallentin and her guest Simone Milasas as she shares the story of her own recent breakup and the tools she used to keep feeding the wolf of possibilities!

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Feeding the Wolf of Possibilities with Dr. Dain heer

Where does the idea of feeding a wolf of possibilities come from? What does it mean? Where does the wolf live? And what would feeding it change and create in the world? In this first episode of the podcast, the host Katarina Wallentin and her guest Dr. Dain Heer explore all of this, diving into native American parables and Hollywood blockbusters.

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